Zinc Alloy Injection

Description: Injection products range from small lapel pins to sophisticated emblems and medallions. The production begins by producing a special mold for injection then hot liquid molten alloy is injected into it for a very durable and high resolution product. Injection is recommended for products above 2" in length and for lapel pins or key chains that have numerous cut-outs. Zinc alloy injection is a great substitute material to brass to fit your budget.

Plating:Gold/ Nickel/ Copper/ Brass/ Black Nickel/ Silver/ Matte Gold/ Matte Nickel/ Matte Black Nickel/ Matte Silver/ Antique Gold/ Antique Silver/ Antique Copper/ Antique Brass/ Two Tone

Standard Thickness:1.2mm~2.0mm

Color Reference: Pantone Color Chart

Epoxy Coating: With or Without