Copper Stamped with Soft Enamel

Description: Soft Enamel is an excellent coloring alternative to Cloisonné and Epola. It is frequently used for design with 3D relief. Brilliant enamel is hand filled into recessed areas and baked to harden. We can match any PMS color with pinpoint accuracy. The finish is available with or without an epoxy dome.

Plating:Gold/ Nickel/ Copper/ Brass/ Black Nickel/ Silver/ Chromium/ Rhodium/ Matte Gold/ Matte Nickel/ Matte Black Nickel/ Matte Silver/ Matte Chromium/Antique Gold/ Antique Silver/ Antique Copper/ Antique Brass/ Two Tone

Standard Thickness:1.2mm~2.0mm

Color Reference: Pantone Color Chart

Epoxy Coating: With or Without