Cloisonné / Hard Enamel

Description: Cloisonné is an ancient art developed over thousand years ago in China. Each design is stamped into metal, and then it is plated into your choice of many lovely finishes. The recessed areas are filled with a hard fired Cloisonné paste and hand-polished. Because of the beautiful hard glass-like finish, Cloisonné is the choice for those who require the very finest look. Silk screen printing may be added to enhance small details.

Plating: Gold/ Nickel/ Copper/ Brass/ Black Nickel/ Silver/ Chromium/ Rhodium/ Matte Gold/ Matte Nickel/ Matte Black Nickel/ Matte Silver/ Matte Chromium/Antique Gold/ Antique Silver/ Antique Copper/ Antique Brass

Standard Thickness:1.2mm~2.0mm

Color Reference:AOKI Chart

Epoxy Coating:Without